About Us

Utology is a design brand and workshop, creating handmade objects for everyday use. The name is a nod to the word utility, as we believe in designing products which are inherently useful, now, and in years to come by focusing on functionality and quality materials.

Storage and organisation are key themes in our product development, as we aim to create solutions to some of life's everyday tasks in the home and office. 


How We Work

As well as designing and making our product range, we also work with people and businesses on creating something totally unique and tailored to their specific needs, whether it be a single item for a home or large batch to furnish every room in a hotel. 

We work primarily with hardwoods, including oak, ash and walnut, bringing in elements of other materials such as brass, leather and wool felt. 

All products are designed, developed and made in our workshop in Liverpool, UK. We make everything to order, so you know your item has been made specifically for you. 



We love to work with interior designers, architects or the hospitality industry, and offer tiered discounts on our product lines. We also collaborate on projects to create bespoke pieces or variations on our products. 

For details, please contact dan@utology.co.uk.