Anuka Jewellery

Located on a historic street in a beautiful Cheshire village, from the beginning it was clear that this was a project which would require something special!

Anuka Jewellery approached us to create handmade display cabinets and counter for their first ever store. Aesthetically the style needed to be in keeping with the jewellery which would be on display whilst also meeting the sustainablilty values of Anuka Jewellery.

We designed and made two freestanding display cabinets with lifting lids, from oak and brass. Two wall mounted cabinets with doors made from oak and brass. And the stand out piece is the slatted oak counter, which displays the Anuka logo in the negative space. The counter also has another cabinet in the top.

There is a workshop to the rear of the shop, visible through a glass partition. We created a range of storage pieces for tools and aprons for this space.